Advancing Mathematics for young people:
Opportunity for homeschooled young people

Setting up a welcoming mindset to learning math at an early age is important. That is why I am offering an alternative curriculum option to parents that are not satisfied with traditional mathematics instruction. Dr. Tapp has developed a curriculum that embeds traditional arithmetic in a much larger context. The result is a deeper understanding of mathematics, with little to no rote memorization.

Topic covered include:

Special activities are planned for each of these subjects. Instruction methods will vary between lecture and a workshop atmosphere.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I have included frequently asked questions below. I am planning other series like this one. Currently I am working on, "Dr. Tapp's geometric playground" and "Dr. Tapp's combinatorial playground." Darren Tapp ( 603-486-3029.

Extra information:

When does the class meet?

This course will meet eight Tuesdays of November and December at 10am until 11:30am. No class is held December 23rd.

Where does the class meet?

Class will meet at The Praxeum which is on the second floor of 299 McDonough in Portsmouth NH.

Is there a charge?

I am asking $40 for the whole course or $10 for a drop in. Scholarships may be available.

Are parents welcome?

Parents attend free and are expected to stay during the playground activities.