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Independent Algebra and Trigonometry Course Available


My intention is to offer an algebra course to anyone who may need it. This course is designed with a fourteen year old in mind, and only assumes the student is proficient in arithmetic. This course may be appropriate for an advanced 12 year-old, or an older student. It is believed this will be a great supplement for a home school student. However this course is designed as a stand alone course.

Parent Testimony

This is a unique homeschool offering, taught by a skilled educator who has extensive knowledge and appreciation of homeschooling. Dr. Darren Tapp is a college professor who has also been working with elementary-aged homeschool students since 2014 in the weekly Dr. Tapp's Mathematical Playground in Portsmouth, NH. My son (12), daughter (7) and I appreciate the supportive, intellectually curious and fun atmosphere Dr. Tapp creates in his classes. His teaching style recognizes the individuality of each learner. This Algebra & Trigonometry class is well-conceived; Dr. Tapp will fine-tune as the class progresses. The texts used strike just the right tone -- respectful of the learner, rigorous & yet "chatty." If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tapp directly.

Format and Structure

This course will meet Mondays and Thursdays starting September 1st in Portsmouth. We'll meet at the Praxeum after a taekwondo class lets out from 1:20pm to 2:50pm. I expect the course to be complete in fourteen months. This is subject to change depending on student learning. See the syllabus for more information. Class will not meet on Labor Day September 5th.

Will This Course Replace High School Mathematics?

The diagram below is included to give you an idea of where this course could fit into a higher curriculum.

Note: Analytic Geometry is not taught often anymore. The subject is included here to continue the connection between mathematics and geometry.


Two textbooks will need to be purchased and available for the student. Both textbooks each cost under $30 as new paperbacks. I'm also asking for $125 for every two month stretch of this course. That amounts to a total of $875 paid over 14 months. The last two months will be taught out of another text by Serge Lang.


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More Information

You can find more information on the syllabus. My contact information is on the syllabus so feel free to email ( or call me (603-486-3029).