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We disclose

We share non-personal information about your activity at our website with third parties for the purpose of tailoring, analyzing, and reporting on advertising you see on this and other websites. These third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and/or other technologies to tailor the ads you see here and at other websites you may visit. In addition, we share with these third parties any information you voluntarily provide in response to an Advertisement. For more information about the information that is collected and used by third parties, or to opt-out of their collection and use of this information, please contact such third parties at the addresses listed below in this Privacy Policy.

Addresses of third parties that collect information.

Solve Media, Inc.
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Suite 915
Philadelphia PA, 19102

Other Third party service

This site uses Google adSense which collects information as well.

Fourth parties

We may disclose what you disclose this to this site with other third parties as well.

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